What is an Intuitive Empath?

An Empath is a person who can feel the emotions of another person. It is a stronger sense of empathy than average, to the point where another person’s feelings can feel like they are one with the Empath’s. The intuitive part of the phrase indicates an Empath that is particularly skilled at understanding the thoughts, emotions, physical feelings, and energies of other people.

What are Tarot Cards?

A deck of cards used to reveal and predict events and situations. Each card and suit has meaning, and it is up to the reader to interpret the message for the person who is being read. Every Tarot reader is different; and derive their messages from different sources. There is nothing “evil” about Tarot, nor does it necessarily predict the future exactly as it will happen. The job of the cards is to take away the veil and help the person to see things as they really are and could be.

What are Oracle Cards?

Some people like to think of them as a gentler version of Tarot, but more often than not oracle cards are from a more specific source. Unlike Tarot, where there is always the same cards and suits with the same meaning, oracle decks can be radically different from one another. One deck could be used to call upon spirit guides, another for sources of insight from Goddesses. I personally use an Angel oracle deck.

What is a Pendulum Reading?

Scientifically, it is a weight hanging from a fixed point that swings back and forth. Diviners, witches, cunningfolk, and many others have used pendulums for centuries to seek answers (referred to as dowsing).

What is a Birth Chart?

Most people know what to say when someone asks “what’s your sign?”, but that is only one of many that make up your birth chart. What you know as your “zodiac sign” is actually your sun sign, and you have a sign for the alignment of every other planet the moment you were born. If you’ve never felt like you related much to your sun sign, it could be because you have more of another sign present throughout your chart. Each planet represents a different aspect of you. In my readings, I assess your sun, moon, and rising signs, which tell you about your overall self (sun), the person you present to the world (rising), and who you are deep down (moon). Use my birth chart calculator to find out your alignments.

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