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Tucked away in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood is  Viiza; part pizza-place, part novelty drink shop.

First things first, Sunset Park isn’t exactly a tourist area, and you might not find yourself there on purpose. However, Eighth Avenue is a bit of a hidden gem, filled with Chinese groceries, clothing stores, and a myriad of tea and sweet shops. It’s easy to get lost in all the choices if you happen to be strolling through, and you might completely miss a shop like Viiza, with its tiny storefront.

Viiza really only offers two things, pizza cones and lightbulb drinks. Don’t know what either of those are? Neither did I.

A pizza cone is well…a pizza in the shape of a cone. Maybe not the most amazing idea, but something about the way Viiza packages it totally sells you on the concept. They put them into these cute carrying boxes and offer quite a few choices in flavors and toppings. You can choose one off the list or build your own. I went for a classic pepperoni just to try it out.

The cone shape allows for the cheese to be extra gooey, and the outside nice and crispy. I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how tasty it was. Plus, on a beautiful summer day walking around 8th ave, its a lot easier to eat a cone than try to maneuver a hot, wide slice on a plate, making it the perfect to-go snack.

The other draw to Viiza, and probably what they promote the most, is their lightbulb drinks.
















They come in a variety of flavors (this one being strawberry mojito) in these  lightbulb shaped plastic holders. They range from teas, juices, to the recently popular butterfly pea flower, which changes colors with a swirl of your straw. Fresh fruit, mint, or jelly can be added. It’s totally a novelty, but one I completely fell for.

The store itself is fairly unremarkable, given the limited space. You basically walk into a tiny room with a counter, order, and move out of the way, which lends itself to the “to-go” aspect of the place. There are plenty of places to view the menu, and they make ordering simple. If you check into any of their social media, you’ll get a discount.


















Overall, I don’t think it will be a mainstay type of place. It’s kind of a one and done deal, but since I find myself in this neighborhood fairly often, who knows? I might be craving a cone or a silly drink on a hot day of shopping. Either way, I think its worth a visit!


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