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The world of beauty, and especially beauty tools, is changing dramatically. When I first started putting on make-up, I used my hands, and MAYBE one of those sponge wedges you could buy a whole bag of.

It isn’t quite like that anymore, the world of make-up tools is almost as large as the world of make-up itself, with luxury items and a variety of ways to apply your foundation, blushes, and contours.

There are three major players in the world of applying a top-coat, some you may know of and some you may not. But really, which one is the best? I can only serve my humble little anecdotal opinion

Beauty Blender











The Original BeautyBlender came on the scene in the 2000’s as a totally revolutionary approach to using a make-up sponge. The idea of the beauty blender, which is a soft and squishy teardop, is that you wet the sponge first and the hydrophilic material absorbs, which then makes it easier for the sponge to spread your make-up without absorbing it. You typically apply foundation by “tapping” it on your skin, working your way over your face to evenly coat.

Since it came out, its been featured in pretty much every magazine, blog, and YouTube beauty guru video known to man. Its also spawned a whole legion of copycats and counterfeits.

Oval Brush













These brushes, most popularly made and sold by brand Artis, are fairly new.  I remember gasping the first time I saw one on instagram. A large, soft brush with a handle? I was sold.

The brushes are made with tons and tons of super fine strands that feel like heaven on the skin. It absorbs little and spread nicely. The only drawback I’ve found is that sometimes if you’re not careful, it can leave lines on your skin, where it has kind of “pushed” the foundation (or whatever else) to the edges of the brush. I actually much prefer using these for contouring, rather than all-over application.

Another slight drawback for me is the price. The brush is now being re-produced everywhere by plenty of sellers, but if you want one from the original collection, its going to cost a pretty penny.













You can’t really call this one a sponge, per se, as its made from silicone (and honestly looks a bit like some kind of cosmetic implant) but that is exactly the point of it. Popping up mainly in Asian beauty circles, this not-so sponge doesn’t absorb any make-up, which in theory means you’re getting all of that on your skin instead of wasting it. Its seen as a make-up saver and more hygienic than other brushes, which you need to wash regularly and can gather and hold bacteria.

While I appreciate the sentiments of the silisponge, I didn’t really see it working as well as I thought. True, the sponge doesn’t absorb your make-up, but that is part of the problem. When I do to apply any make-up with it, it just all kind of cakes down into one spot. It doesn’t cling to the sponge at all, so its difficult to spread around without more effort. This is something I think worked much better in theory.

With all that said, whats my choice for best applicator?









The BeautyBlender, of course! I didn’t want to give into the hype, but its true. I love this thing, and feel my make-up and skin has never looked better than when using it.

If you want to give them a try for yourself, they can be bought in their original places here, here, and here. Tell me what you think!

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