Make-up Review: Etude House My Little Nut Collection

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It’s Christmas time! Which means gifts and holiday themed  cosmetics. Luckily, this post features both.

A dear friend of mine, who is an absolute doll (follow her on Instagram! 🙂 ) sent an early Christmas gift in the form of some Etude House products, including their 2016 Christmas Collection called “My Little Nut”(get your giggles out now).

Etude House, for the uninitiated, is a South Korean cosmetics company. I may or may not have mentioned in the past that I love Asian beauty products, especially make-up and skincare. I feel with my skin-tone and personal aesthetic, their make-up just looks better on me and helps me achieve the looks that I go for. But Asian (notably South Korean) cosmetics are gaining popularity everywhere simply because they’re well made, cute, and unique. You can thank Asian cosmetics for creating and encouraging Western markets to adopt products like BB Creams.

This particular gift set, obviously themed around The Nutcracker, features 4 items, which I’ll address individually.












  1. First up is the eye shadow pallet, with shades of blue, brown, and gold. They have adorable, themed names like “Snowy Forest” and “Winter Soldier”. I can’t say eye shadow is high on my list of make-up loves, but Etude House products always make me excited to try them. I particularly love the shimmery gold-silver shadow, and I could see this pallet coming in handy for a Christmas party look.
  2. Precious Mineral Any Cushion. Another big make-up trend are “cushion” foundations, where the liquid cover is soaked into a cushion, which you press your applicator into and apply to the skin. I love this one! The coverage is so smooth and natural, and instantly dries like a powder so your skin doesn’t feel tacky at all. It’s like applying instant airbrushing to your face.
  3. Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk in a rich, cranberry red color. Again, perfect for the holiday theme, and a unique tone of red, very berry-like.
  4. This one isn’t so much a product as a cute snow-globe pen with glitter and dice inside. I thought it was a cute addition, and it writes greats!

Overall, SUPER adorable gift set with some quality products.  If you’re interested in this or any other Etude House products, you can get them at (they ship internationally!) or

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