Winter Survival Guide

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We’re in the thick of it folks. It’s January, meaning the bleakest, coldest, most miserable part of winter for a lot of places. Throughout the years I’ve gathered an arsenal of goods to help me combat the winter blues,  and have decided to spread the wealth.

Bath salts










A long hot bath after a cold day is a must for me, and bath salts only enhance the experience. Simple epsom salts are cheap and work wonders. Or, you could get a little fancier with something like Village Naturals Theraputic bath salts, or Tabi no Yado salts (which I have a review for here)

Bath salts not only feel and smell good, they help with the circulatory system, keeping the body warmer for longer, which you definitely need in the frigid temps.

Ginger tea







Hot drinks are a go-to for many people, but not everyone thinks about or even knows the greatness of ginger tea.

First and foremost, real ginger root is very spicy, and certainly warms the body while drinking it. Not only that, it has a ton of heath benefits that especially come in handy during the colder months. It has anti-inflammatory properties for joint and muscle pain, and, like the bath salts, promotes circulation. There are a million other benefits to ginger and ginger tea, which is why I suggest it to everyone. You can either get it in a ground up powder form, or throw a couple slices into a cup of hot water. To take some of the sting out of the drink (as it can be very strong) try adding a little lemon and honey.

Lotion, lotion, lotion










I come from a place where winters are excruciatingly dry, and winter skin is an issue. It’s amazing how much a day can be improved by remembering to lotion up in the winter.

The best time for this is after a nice warm shower or bath, after you’ve pat yourself dry and are still slightly moist. The lotion will set into your skin better and keep it hydrated, so you avoid the itchy, tight feeling the cold air brings.

For severe hand dryness, I swear by the Norwegian formula hand cream by Neutrogena. For something a little sweeter, there’s this super cute peach hand cream by Tony Moly.

As for the rest of your body, I find myself returning to products by Aveeno, Nivea, Gold Bond, and Eucerin in the winter time.

Fleece blankets








Seems simplistic enough, but hear me out.

I have a small fleece blanket that I take all around the house with me, and in the winter time it becomes my best friend.

I sleep with it up around my shoulders and neck in addition to my regular comforter. I take it to the couch with me during the day when I’m watching TV or surfing the web. I wear it like a cape while I’m in the kitchen fixing a snack. Then, I wash it and dry it until it’s warm and fluffy, and start all over.

I would not survive the winter without my blanket.











Of course, you could always get your blood flowing the old fashioned way.

Finding the energy (and time) to exercise in the winter is a pain, but yoga is something I can always muster up. It’s something you can take slow and easy with a lot of deep breathing, and still feel the benefits of. Heck, you can even find yoga moves to do in bed that are just as good as doing a full set on a mat. That’s the beauty of yoga. I had an experienced yogi tell me once “better to do yoga every day for 10 minutes, than once a week for 30 minutes”.

That’s the jist of how I get through the winter. What helps you? Let me know!


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