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I was lucky enough to receive this assortment of Sasatinnie face masks from a good friend in Singapore. Since there isn’t a whole lot out there about these products for those us in the Western world, I threw together this little review for you guys!

First and foremost you’ll notice the interesting main ingredient to most of these masks. Rice and bamboo piqued my interest, but snake peptide, jellyfish extract, and snail mucus are a whole other story that made me REALLY curious.

















Generally, the masks themselves remind me of the Korean collagen masks you can find almost anywhere, packaged similarly with faced-shaped cotton drenched in a light, translucent gel. The color and appearance of all the masks is the same, with a consistency close to hand sanitizer. There isn’t a strong smell, and I’m glad the eyes and mouth are already cut out for convenience (some masks make you do this yourself, and it’s a total pain.)

The worst thing about applying these and similar masks is how cold they are when you first put them on. It can be incredibly uncomfortable, but these masks do warm up quickly and do become much more bearable the longer you keep them on.

Packaging suggests leaving them on from 15 to 20 minutes, remove and discard. Whatever is left on your face should be gently tapped/rubbed into the skin where it will dry and set. I do these masks before bed so all the nutrients can settle into my skin overnight.

Given the ingredients I prepared myself for a potential reaction (you never know) but was pleased this didn’t happen. The only thing I felt with any of the masks was a very light tingling. Once the solution was settled into my skin, it did feel quite soft and refreshing. The packaging suggests using the masks once or twice a week, but even less should give some nice, immediate results.

(Click photos for close up to see ingredients)

Overall, I enjoy the masks for a “once in a while” beauty night. I’m still not entirely used to having cold, wet cotton on my face, but many people don’t mind the sensation.  There are unique benefits to each mask, and if you can stand it for 15-20 minutes, I would give these a try!

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