Bath Time Reviews: Easter Haul Edition!

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Spring is in the air, and so is the scent of wonderful spring bath products. Instead of my typical bath time review of one product, I’ll be featuring a few great Spring and Easter themed bath products from both Lush and Bath Addict Boutique!

Ultraviolet Bubblebar from Lush











Bubblebars are my most recent obsession. They smell great, they make tons of bubbles and they’re just pretty  to look at. Some smash a whole bar under the faucet, while others break them into sections to get more out of them (the bars are usually a pretty good size)

The Ultraviolet bubblebar is new for spring, Mother’s day specifically, with violet as its main scent (hence the name) but also notes of ylang ylang and jasmine.  I find that this bar has a very earthy, almost grassy scent as opposed to floral. I was a bit turned off at first, expecting something sweeter, but it really grew on me. Plus, it turns the water such a lovely shade of purple.

Golden Egg Bath Melt/Bomb from Lush











The Golden Egg is part bath bomb, part bath melt. It dissolves slow and foamy and leaves the water sparkly and warm. The honey-toffee scent is hit or miss with people, but I found it wonderful. It’s very rich and creamy. The great thing about this one is the infusion of cocoa butter, which makes your skin extra smooth. It’s like taking a bath in liquid gold.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb from Lush











The Fluffy Egg is one of the main bath bombs of the Easter season.It’s referred to on the Lush site as a “candy-scented fizzer” and it’s an apt description. I LOVE the sweet, sugary scent of this one, and the bright pink water to match.

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb from Lush










This bomb looked so adorable I had to try it. Unfortunately, I’d say it’s the only one of the haul that left me disappointed. It’s main selling point are the green popping candies, that do in fact pop around in the tub. Other than that, though, I don’t think I’d buy it again. The scent wasn’t anything special or particularly strong, and it didn’t alter the water much.

Jellybean Scented Peep Soaps from Bath Addict Boutique











Bath Addict Boutique is a small business I discovered through Instagram. When I saw these peep soaps I had to try them. Not only are they super cute, but they smell delicious! They have a lot of other great products, I suggest you check them out.

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