Beauty Review: Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia

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For Christmas, I got myself a nice Sephora giftcard and decided to make a big purchase. Being a loyal Sephora customer, I had racked up enough points by the end of my order to tack on a freebie, and of my choices the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask stuck out the most.















I love black masks that peel, something about them seems so fresh and great for my skin. Reading about the mask, I found that this particular one isn’t so much for cleaning your pores (as a lot of black masks are) but as the title indicates, “luminizing” the skin. According to them, its packed with minerals that detoxify and brighten the skin, and is also free of many harmful ingredients such as phthalates, sulfates, and any synthetic dyes or fragrances. Basically, it’s pretty gentle.















The first thing I noticed was how light it felt. I’ve used black masks in the past, most of which with charcoal, and it typically has a very thick and sticky texture. This was more liquid and went on very smooth. I decided not to cover my whole face for the first go around, and stuck to some main “problem” areas.















I found that it dried rather quickly, and I think most surprising was how easily it came off. I’ve done quite a few peel masks in my day, and this was probably the easiest one ever came off my skin and didn’t leave tons of residue behind. It’s very light-weight and easy to use, which made me question how effective it is. I’m not totally sure if it “luminized” me, but it did feel like it did some good in the short time it was on my skin. They suggest giving it 4 weeks of use to see softer, brighter, less oily skin.

If it comes up on your freebies for Sephora, and you’re into masks, I don’t think you’d regret trying it out. The sample size goes a long way and it definitely doesn’t hurt.

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