Pastel Dye-Job

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I did something new to my hair recently, which I’m totally in love with. I also am getting compliments on it daily, as well as some questions about how I achieved the colors.

I’ve been dying my hair regularly since I was about 14 years old, and everything I know about it are just tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, either from friends of mine that are stylists, the internet, or trial and error.

That said, dying your hair pastel can be a bit of a challenge. They do sell some dyes that are a pastel-like shade, but I find that they are either A. Not strong enough to coat my hair or B. Not the right shade.

Luckily, you can take virtually any vegetable-based hairdye and lighten it to your desired color.

My two favorites are Manic Panic and Special Effects. Both can be bought online, through sites like Amazon. You can also find them in stores like Hot Topic, but I think they’re usually a bit cheaper online.

For this particular dye job, I used Special Effects Pimpin’ Purple and Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise.



You’re going to want to get a fairly big bottle of conditioner (depending on how much hair you have, but I find it takes a good amount no matter what) and make sure it is a WHITE conditioner, so that it can hold the dye.

In a mixing bowl, combine the conditioner and dye together. The rule of thumb is a lot of conditioner and a little dye, and they really do mean a little. With strong colors like the Pimpin’ Purple, I literally only needed a dab of dye to a large amount of conditioner. With the turquoise, I needed quite a bit more dye.

I would say play around with it, adding more or less of each to achieve the color you want. Also, mix it vigorously so that it all blends, or the dye will go in blotchy.

I did a half and half look, basically sectioning off one side of my head at a time.


After applying, I pinned it up and put it in a cap. Since the dye is slightly diluted, you’ll want to keep it in as long as you can. Plus, letting the conditioner set is like giving yourself a deep condition, so it’s a win-win!

When you think the dye has set, rinse it out.  I find that I don’t even need to shampoo when I use this method, and just make sure I get all the conditioner residue out of my hair.

Some people may find the first time trying this it comes out patchy, or not as strong as they thought. By all means, it made take another coat or two to really get it covered. This particular dye job took me two coats.

So there you have one way to alter hairdye. It takes patience and experimentation, but once you get it how you want it you’ll be glad you went through the trouble.



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