Koreatown, Manhattan
Make-up Review: Etude House My Little Nut Collection

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K-pop Concert Tickets: A Guide

Wherever you follow me online, it’s pretty apparent that I love K-pop. It’s been a constant, undying sort of love since 2005 with no signs of slowing down. Everyone has their “thing” that brings them joy through the perils of life, and mine is massive groups of good-looking people dancing and singing to upbeat music […]

Bath Time Reviews: Witch Baby Soap

  Today, we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of focusing on one certain product, I’m doing my bath time review on an entire company. Why? Because Witch Baby Soap is AMAZING!                 I’ve been buying products from them for over a year now, and I […]

Sweet Eats – Viiza in Brooklyn, NY

                                    Tucked away in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood is  Viiza; part pizza-place, part novelty drink shop. First things first, Sunset Park isn’t exactly a tourist area, and you might not find yourself there on purpose. However, Eighth Avenue […]

Beauty Reviews – Best Applicator?

                                  The world of beauty, and especially beauty tools, is changing dramatically. When I first started putting on make-up, I used my hands, and MAYBE one of those sponge wedges you could buy a whole bag of. It isn’t […]

Make-up Review: Etude House My Little Nut Collection

It’s Christmas time! Which means gifts and holiday themed  cosmetics. Luckily, this post features both. A dear friend of mine, who is an absolute doll (follow her on Instagram! 🙂 ) sent an early Christmas gift in the form of some Etude House products, including their 2016 Christmas Collection called “My Little Nut”(get your giggles […]

Koreatown, Manhattan.

On my most recent trip to NYC, I ventured into a part of the city I have heard of, but never seen. It’s a small stretch along 32nd street with Korean owned restaurants,  stores, and hotels. Being a lover of Korean pop culture, particularly music and TV, it was a definite must-see on this particular […]

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